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Programme Régional d’Amélioration du Climat des Affaires en Afrique Centrale (PRACAC)
L'objectif global de ce programme est de doter a la CEEAC et ses dix pays membres des éléments d’analyse nécessaires pour élaborer et exécuter les réformes visant à améliorer l’environnement des affaires.

ACP Private Sector Development Strategy
The new ACP PSD Strategy, to be implemented over the next 5 years, will guide the development of future ACP private sector support programs; strengthen partnership with the EU and guide new partnerships between the ACP and other stakeholders.

Regional Cluster Initiative in the Pacific - Cluster Development & Management Manual
This Cluster Development & Management Manual has been prepared for the EU/
BizClim funded cluster project in the South Pacific. The project beneficiary was the Pacific Islands Private Sector Organisation (PIPSO), Fiji, who actively led the projec

Mobilising private sector funding through PPPs for economic and social development in the Northern Corridor
For the six countries of East Africa’s Northern Corridor, infrastructure development through PPP initiatives offers much potential for economic growth. Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan and Uganda, have all experien

Investment Climate in Ethiopia
The report looks at the investment climate in Ethiopia on the basis of technical studies, polls, expert opinions and testimonials from European investors, donors and political leaders.

The 5th EU-Africa business Forum - Matrix of Recommendations

Regional Clustering Initiatives in the Pacific
This publication on Clusters is based on the Regional Cluster Initiative in the Pacific, a project supported by the European Union's ACP Business Climate Facility through the 10th European Development Fund, and the first Clustering project for the Pacific

5TH EU-AFRICA BUSINESS FORUM-Summary of Proceedings
The 5th EU-Africa business Forum ended on April 1st 2014, following two productive days, where about 1,180 participants took part, from across Africa and Europe, in 5 plenary panel discussions, 12 roundtables, a session on “success stories” and an investo

Best Practices Report on Modernisation of the Customs Code
This report provides some background information on the Project Technical Assistance to the Ministry of Finance towards Modernization of the Liberian Customs Code.

Diaspora-led investments into domestic economies: the case of sub-saharan Africa
This report provides Policy recommendations and initiatives for diaspora-led investments into the Sub-Saharan African region.

Identification of Best Practices Relating to Renewable Energy Financing and Policy in ACP Countries
This Best Practice Manual is the result of extensive outreach and analysis conducted to identify the leading state and local level best practices in renewable energy and energy efficiency programmes in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.

Enhancing SME financing in ACP countries
Cognizant of the importance of SME access to finance and the potential role of the European Investment Bank (EIB) in this regard, the ACP Secretariat, through BizClim, launched a project aimed at enhancing SME financing in ACP countries and improving the

Enhancing SME financing in acp countries
This study aims to explore ways of improving the financing of SMEs as well as small States in the ACP regions, particularly with regard to their access to the Investment Facility (IF).

Doing business and investing in Togo within the framework of OHADA legislation
The compilation of this guide is an initiative launched by the Conseil National du Patronat du Togo designed to assist in the reconstruction of triggers to revive the Togolese economy and to contribute to the emergence of a more dynamic private sector.