Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


  • 1. What is the main objective of BizClim?

    The overall objective of the ACP Business Climate Facility is to contribute to enhancing economic growth in ACP countries by means of fostering an enabling environment for private sector development in these countries and regions, with the ultimate objective of poverty reduction. Its purpose is to promote the reforms relating to the enabling environment of the private sector in ACP countries and/or regions (in terms of policy, legislation and financial measures).

  • 2. Who can submit a project proposal under this Programme?

    • ACP Regional Economic Communities (RECs)
    • ACP Governments
    • ACP Private Sector Organizations (PSOs)
    • The ACP Secretariat, representative of the ACP Group of States
    • The African Union Commission
    • The European Commission and EC Delegations in ACP Countries
    • The European Investment Bank

  • 3. What type of projects and activities can be financed through this Programme?

    The programme will finance projects or activities that will fulfill at least one of the following:

    • To contribute to empower key stakeholders (in terms of knowledge, capacities and analysis) in undertaking business environment reforms and creating more favourable business and investment conditions
    • To contribute to strengthen public-private dialogue on private sector development issues (including regional integration), notably through support to EU-ACP Business Fora
    • To contribute to strengthen the capacities of RECs for the formulation of their own projects to be financed, including in the framework of the RIP of the 10th EDF
    • To facilitate reflection and access to information by stakeholders on pertinent themes, relating to the enabling environment and linkages with key macro, meso and micro issues

    The activities foreseen under the technical assistance requested will mainly include:

    • The funding of consultants to undertake diagnostic studies, investment prospects or other technical support
    • The organisation of events (workshops, seminars, conferences and training)
    • The communication in turn of the above.

  • 4. How to concretely apply for technical assistance from BizClim?

    Please refer to the Application Guidelines and fill out our Application Form

  • 5. How long does it take for a project to be approved?

    Please refer to the chart on Project Cycle Approval process

  • 6. What is the average duration of a project?

    Under normal circumstances 4 months are need it from the time the request is received until the contract signature with the winning contractor. We are looking for projects whose duration is no longer than 10 months.

  • 7. How to express your interest for a tender?

    In order to express your interest, please check before that your company fulfills the eligibility and selection criteria indicated in the procurement notices. Then kindly send an email to indicating the project you are interested in tendering for and providing a brief description of the relevant experience corresponding to the assignment (you may use the same template as in the Tender submission Form). In case you would like to tender in consortium with one or several companies, please indicate who will be the leader of the consortium and all consortium members. If you wish to express your interest for more than one project, please list them by order of priority.