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The 3rd CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum
For the third time, the ACP Business Climate facility (BizClim) will support the Caribbean-Export Development Agency (CEDA) to organize and hold the CARIFORUM-EU Business Forum. This Forum, which is slated to take place on the 15-16 April 2015 in Montego Bay, Jamaica, is expected to bring together s
E-ZINE N° 10 -JANUARY 2015
Sustainable Incubation & Development Fund for the Caribbean
A Conference themed Sustainable Incubation & Development Fund in support of business in bio and renewable energy in the Caribbean was held in Guadeloupe on January 20-21, 2015
Important flagship events in the context of the 7th African Private Sector Forum
The Second EU-Africa Business Forum follow-up workshop and the launching of the Gen-HUB Africa platform were held during the 7th African Private Sector Forum
The 7th Africa Private Sector Forum
Spearheaded by the African Union Commission and under the theme “Promoting Africa’s Private Sector for Inclusive Growth: Exploring untapped Mechanisms of Funding”, the 7th Africa Private Sector Forum will convene from 4 to 6 December 2014 at the Panari hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.
BizClim’s contributions rewarded again
For the second time in its 8 years of activities, BizClim has been awarded the Africa Investor (Ai) ‘Investment Climate Initiative of the Year’, during the Ai CEO Investment Summit, held in October 2014, in Washington.
E-ZINE N° 6 -JULY 2014
Working together to boost European investment in Ethiopia
BizClim and The EU Business Forum in Ethiopia - working together for better investment business climate at the national and regional levels.
E-ZINE N° 5 -JUNE 2014
The 5th EU-Africa Business forum: follow-up workshop
On June 24 2014, the European Commission (DG DevCo) with the support of BizClim, organized a follow-up workshop to the 5th EU-Africa Business Forum, at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, Belgium.
E-ZINE N° 4 -MAY 2014
The second EU-Pacific Business Forum
The Second EU-Pacific Business Forum will convene from 25-27 of June, 2014 at the Warwick Le Lagon Resort and Spa in Port Vila (Vanuatu) at a critical time in the relations between the ACP countries and the European Union.
E-ZINE N° 3 -APRIL 2014
5th EU-Africa Business Forum 2014
The 5th EU-Africa business Forum ended on April 1st 2014, following two productive days, where about 1,180 participants took part, from across Africa and Europe, in 5 plenary panel discussions, 12 roundtables, a session on “success stories” and an investor meeting.
5th EU-Africa Business Forum 2014
A common future for EU-Africa: Engaging the private sector in sustainable and inclusive growth. The “5th EU-Africa Business Forum,” will be convened from 31 March – 1 April, 2014 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Brussels at a crucial time in the relations, between Europe and Africa.
Investment Incubator
The New Partnership for African Development Agency (NEPAD), with the assistance of BizClim, is set to launch a sustainable energy incubator-backed Fund. The main objective of this fund is to accelerate and support business development and provide seed and early-stage funding for sustainable energy b
E-ZINE N° 13 - 2012
The importance of cyber security in business
Speaking at the Africa Forum on Cyber Security in Nairobi, Kenya, on September 13th-14th, M’Hamed CHERIF, Director of BizClim, pressed the need to integrate cyber security into the business and investment climate agenda and to follow a coordinated approach.
E-ZINE N° 12 - 2012
Energy Security in Sub Saharan Africa, a key component for economic sustainability
NEPAD (the New Partnership for Africa’s Development), with the support of BizClim, is organising a symposium on Investments in Bioenergy on the 30 th and 31 st of July in Johannesburg.
E-ZINE N° 11 - 2012
Energy Security in Sub Saharan Africa, a key component for economic sustainability
NEPAD (the New Partnership for Africa’s Development), with the support of BizClim, is organising a symposium on Investments in Bioenergy on the 30 th and 31 st of July in Johannesburg.
E-ZINE N° 10 - 2012
Promoting Renewable Energies in ACP countries
More emphasis is given to renewable energies in ACP countries, and initiatives are emerging in Africa and the Pacific.
E-ZINE N° 9 - 2012
NEPAD e-school: bringing learning to African students
A two-day conference took place in Accra, bringing together a number of high-level education and technology specialists and professionals from the ECOWAS region aiming at developing a new Public-Private Partnership model to implement the NEPAD e-school initiative
E-ZINE N° 8 - 2012
Roundtable on Sustainable Business in Africa
During these times of economic hardship and stagnation in Europe, the developing world, and Africa in particular, represents the ideal partner to spur sustainable development.
E-ZINE N° 7 - 2012
Double Taxation and Avoidance Agreements to stimulate COMESA cross-border investment and trade
A fruitful three-day training and engagement workshop was held in Zambia in February to highlight the importance of Double Taxation and Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) and to draw attention to their positive role in the promotion of cross-border investment and trade.
E-ZINE N° 6 - 2012
Seychelles: the Virtual One-Stop-Shop to enhance the business climate
An awareness-raising workshop was successfully held on the 24th-25th January 2012 to demonstrate the usefulness of the Virtual One-Stop-Shop (VOSS) as a tool to facilitate the process of starting a business.
E-ZINE N° 5 - 2011
2nd High-level meeting on SME financing in ACP countries
During a second High-level Meeting, hosted by the ACP Secretariat on October
13-14, participants discussed the preliminary findings of a study commissioned
by BizClim as a contribution to the Secretariat’s own reflection on SME financing
in ACP countries and the role of the EIB managem
E-ZINE N° 4 - 2011
Mitigating the risk of investment in Africa
BizClim is set to undertake a feasibility study on the creation of an Investment Gurantee cum re-insurance Agency for the ECOWAS region. This should comfort investors.
E-ZINE N° 3 - 2011
BizClim sees high pace of project formulation
With only about four months passed since BizClim commenced operations on the 1 January 2011, commitments of funds stand today at almost 80 percent of funds available under the first Work Programme. Out of 36 project proposals received, 14 projects have been formulated and approved, and tendering
E-ZINE N° 2 - 2011
Virtual courses, a new BizClim communication tool
The virtual classes are featured as the new BizClim communication mechanism for sharing views, best practices and disseminating information.
E-ZINE N° 1 - 2011
BizClim back in business for a better business climate
BizClim is now ready to support initiatives aimed at boosting the business climate in ACP countries and making them a better place for doing business and investing.