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BIZNEWS N° 3 -July-September 2014
Boosting Investment in Renewable Energy
This edition highlights the involvement of BizClim in the renewable energy sector.
BIZNEWS N° 2 - 2014
Clustering Initiatives in the Pacific
The Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization (PIPSO) spearheads a pilot
clustering initiative in four South Pacific countries (Tonga, Samoa, Vanuatu and PNG).
BIZNEWS N° 1 - 2014
Sustainable Business for Development
Sustainable development is a socio-economic approach to public and private sector growth models that pioneered a reconceptualisation of the relationship between society, industry and nature.
BIZNEWS N° 2 - 2012
COMESA RegionTowards a Private Sector Enabling Environment
The importance of understanding, reforming and monitoring the business climate has gained prominence in developing countries in recent years. With the support of BizClim, the COMESA region has implemented 4 projects aimed at improving the investment climate
BIZNEWS N° 1 - 2012
Actively preparing the upcoming Pacific-EU Business Forum
The Pacific-EU Business Forum will convene for the first time on the fringes of the upcoming ACP-EU Joint Council of Ministers, due to take place in June of this year in Port Vila.